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Awareness Programme on Rural Transport for Heads of Local Government bodies in Sri Lanka

The Lanka Forum on Rural Transport Development (LFRTD) has conducted an awareness workshop on rural transport issues for Local Government Heads, Officials and Engineers of 9 Pradeshiya Sabhas (village level Local Government Institutions).  The Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils will manage Rural Roads Pilot projects in these 9 Pradeshiya Sabhas across three districts under the World Bank funded Rural Roads programme. Officials from this Ministry also participated in the workshop.

It was a new experience for the elected heads of Local Government bodies to learn about the planning and management of rural roads, technical aspects, the use of Intermediate Means of Transport (IMTs) and other issues such as addressing gender concerns, and facilitating community participation in infrastructure development. LFRTD will continue to support the Ministry of Local Government during the pilot project.

For more information please contact:
Ranjith de Silva, IFRTD Asia Coordinator


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