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International Engineers Course - Labour based road construction and maintenance

The Kisii Training Centre, Kisii, Kenya is running an international course for engineers on labour based road construction and maintenance.  The course runs for 6 weeks from 8th October - 17th November 2007.

The course is targeted at those with a civil engineering degree or technicians with a diploma in Civil Engineering. The course covers the following topics:

1. Choices of technologies
2. Inception, planning and organising of construction and maintenance programmes.
3. Management of labour-based programmes.
4. Engineering planning, logistics and design.
5. All aspects of maintenance.
6. Use of contractors in labour-based road programmes.
7. Management of people and self-development.
8. Rural travel and transport concepts.

The fee is US$5,900 and includes:
Tuition, field practicals, course materials, transport during the course, safe travel insurance, acommodation and meals and per diem of US$10 per day during the course.

For more information about the course please contact:

Kisii Training Centre
PO BOx 2254
Tel: +254 058 306999


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