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Executive Summary of the National Rural Transport Workshop in Burkina Faso

The process of decentralisation in Burkina Faso, initiated in 1991 and in progress since 1995, aims to transfer more responsibility to territorial authorities in the areas of administrative management, finance and technical expertise. Rural transport is essential to the achievement of this decentralisation and to development in general, especially when addressing issues of mobility, accessibility to basic social services (health, education, etc) and the realisation of economic potential.

This national workshop was funded by the national bureau of the World Bank, the Burkina Faso office of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Skat (the Swiss Resource Centre and Consultancies for Development) and IFRTD. Technical support was provided by Skat and IFRTD, and implementation of the workshop was carried out by the Burkina Faso Forum for Rural Transport and Development and IFRTD. The meeting, according to the participants, has made a significant contribution to the reform of the transport sector which is in progress in Burkina Faso.

The diverse origin of the participants of the workshop allowed the essential issues that prevent the improvement of mobility and access in rural areas of Burkina Faso to be addressed. From now on, in an attempt to shape the future, the territorial authorities must capitalise on the learning acquired in the workshop to improve accessibility and mobility in their respective constituencies. To do this they must, with the support and participation of their partners and stakeholders (central government services, technical and financial partners, civil society, etc), take over the arrangements of CGCT (Code de Gestion des Collectivités Territoriales), understand the responsibility that they have in achieving improvements and prepare to play their part in this.

To download a copy of the executive summary of the workshop (in French), please click here.

For further details of this event, please contact:
Guy Augustin KEMTSOP
, Regional Coordinator for the Central and West Africa using the following email address: guy.kemtsop[at]



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