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Call for Expressions of Interest in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos

The following is a Call for Expressions of interest posted by Crown Agents:

The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) is financing a series of research and consultancy projects with the purpose of increasing, disseminating and mainstreaming the knowledge and good practice base for the development and management of community and rural access.

These projects are currently being carried out in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, under its South East Asia Community Access Programme (SEACAP). SEACAP is established within the overall Global Transport Knowledge Program (gTKP). The projects are implemented to support locally identified priorities. Many of the SEACAP projects are being carried out in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. SEACAP builds upon the previously completed DFID and collaborative research projects in Cambodia and Vietnam. These projects seek to promote sustainable access for rural communities to facilitate access to health, education and trade thereby creating opportunities for pro-poor growth and poverty reduction. Projects under this programme will be implemented in conjunction with the Governments of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

On behalf of DFID/SEACAP, Crown Agents wishes to update and potentially expand the number of individual consultants, firms and organizations to participate in competitive selection exercises for future DFID/SEACAP assignments. Therefore Crown Agents now invites Expressions of Interest from individual consultants, firms and organizations to conduct research projects in the areas of:

• Rural transport infrastructure, particularly rural roads.
• Local resource based appropriate technologies. Local resources include materials, labour, enterprise and ingenuity.
• Appropriate equipment needed to support rural access construction and maintenance.
• Rural accessibility planning.
• Public (government and educational institutions) and private (local contractors and local consultants) sector capacity building for development and management of rural access. This includes training interventions.
• Economic and social aspects related to the investment in and the management of rural access.
• Dissemination and mainstreaming programs to advance the knowledge base for rural access.

Individual consultants, firms, or organizations based in the three target countries, regionally or overseas are welcome to express their interest in this project. While international/regional experience will be beneficial, experience in the three target countries is essential to ensure effective project implementation. One of the criteria for selection of qualified individual consultants, firms and organizations to participate in a competitive selection exercise will be based upon demonstrable expertise in the following areas:

1. Knowledge and experience in rural transport infrastructure development issues, including technical, social and economic aspects.
2. Experience of providing services to the relevant Ministries in the target countries i.e. Ministries concerned with transportation, and rural development.
3. Knowledge of how these Ministries operate within the overall government structure and how international donor projects are implemented.
4. Experience in synthesizing existing information into concise reports with clear recommendations for policy makers.
5. Experience of research related to the development impacts of investments in rural access.

Expressions of Interest should include:
1. Full details of head office and local offices (as applicable).
2. Information on individuals that would represent the consultants, firms or organizations to implement DFID/SEACAP projects.
3. Expertise in the above mentioned areas of research. This should include the name, brief description, number of projects and duration of these experiences.
4. Previous work experience in the target countries and in South-East Asia including project name, client, brief summary and value.
5. Similar projects implemented in other countries of comparable climatic and geographic conditions.

Interested individual consultants, firms and organizations should submit their Expressions of Interest, including the details requested above, in English by 21 July 2006 to:

Le Minh Nguyet
Crown Agents
Unit 605,
North Star Building
4 Da Tuong Street
Hoan Kiem District
Hanoi, Vietnam


The submission of an Expression of Interest does not imply that SEACAP will automatically select an individual consultant, firm or organization to participate in a competitive selection exercise.


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