Perutube on the Airwaves

"How can we get help from the Ministry of Health, or the regional government or the local councils? How can these very communities get adequate transport? We are worried about this more than anything. We just don't have transport to move people in an emergency. This is what I have to say." Elias Antukai, Cenepa, Peru. 

In February, Joe Myerscough from Radio Roundhouse's Arts Attack programme interviewed Ana Bravo, Silvia Bravo and Matt Barker to find out how IFRTD has been helping communities in the Peruvian jungle to produce video messages that speak out about their difficulties accessing healthcare. The subtitled videos, dubbed by the international press as  'Perutube have been posted on youtube and facebook.

"Healthcare is there but the problem is how do you get to it. In the jungle you either walk for a very long time or take a boat which might come once or twice a week. Even if you have a motor for your boat then petrol is very very expensive. The situation is worse when it is an emergency and time is critical"  Ana Bravo, IFRTD Latin America

Listen to the show here:  (Mp3 14 MB)    11 minutes

Messages from the Amazonas Youtube channel:



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