Board of Directors

Board Of Directors

IFRTD’s founding Board was selected by the Executive Committee in 2008 to serve initially for 2 years. The Board governs the IFRTD Secretariat and oversees the delivery of the IFRTD Strategy.

The Board is representative of the geographical and disciplinary breadth of the IFRTD network and comprises five Directors:

Danang Parikesit (Chairperson)

Danang has been a member of the IFRTD Network for over two years and has served as the Chair of IFRTD’s Executive Committee since 2006. He is a Professor of Transport Planning and Engineering in a development context and has carried out extensive research in this area, as well as advising a wide range of development agencies. Danang is currently employed by Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, where he is the Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service, Chairman of the Board of Researchers at the Centre for Transportation and Logistics Studies and a Postgraduate Lecturer.
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Nite Tanzarn

Nite is a development management specialist with extensive experience advising a wide variety of organisations on the socio-economic aspects of the transport sector and rural development. Nite is also a gender and transport expert and is currently an Associate of the Department of agricultural Economics and Agribusiness/Women and Gender Studies at Makerere University in Uganda. Nite was a founding member of GATNET, the gender and transport network, and is passionate about highlighting the facilitative role that transport can play in Africa’s development.
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Roberto Aguerrebere-Salido

Roberto is the Director General of the Mexican Transport Institute (IMT), a governmental applied research institute devoted to intermodal transportation. With a background in civil engineering and transport planning, Roberto has been involved in projects to address the access needs of low-income communities for over 20 years. In 1991, at the invitation of the International Labour Office, Roberto was involved in the strategic planning and design of IFRTD and, since working at IMT, he has worked closely with IFRTD Latin America to mobilise resources in support of their activities and assist with the co-ordination of research teams.

Roma Thomas (Treasurer)

Roma is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing specialist with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. As well as having worked as a communications consultant for Transport for London in the field of diversity and inclusion since 2005, and running her own consultancy company, Roma has been a member of the Project Team of the Women’s Transportation Seminar London since its inception in 2005. Roma is an active supporter of IFRTD and has organised activities to promote the network to transport professionals in the UK. Roma has also successfully raised funds that are now being used for pilot projects associated with IFRTD’s Mobility and Health networked research programme.
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Gnanderman Sirpé

Sirpé is a transport economics specialist who has been an active member of the IFRTD network for over ten years. He was a founder of one of the first IFRTD National Forum Groups in West Africa. Sirpé is a lecturer in Transport Economics at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and has a wealth of experience both teaching and working with governmental, non-governmental and private sector organisations in this field.

Executive Committee




Contact Person: Peter Njenga
Position: Executive Director and Coordinator East and Southern Africa
Tel/Fax: +254 (20) 883323
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