Measuring what Matters?

"Measurement does matter but do we measure what really matters?" asked a participant at a workshop to review the measures and indicators that are used in the transport sector. This workshop was part of a collaborative workshop series, facilitated by IFRTD with the Transport and Urban Development Division of the World Bank, to open up debate on transport sector performance and impact measurement.

In this issue of Forum News we place this workshop series into the context of the widerTransport Results Initiative at the World Bank and summarise and share with you some of the case studies, debates and recommendations that are emerging.This Initiative is not only about understanding the data and indicators that will help us to manage efficient transport infrastructure and services, but also understanding how to monitor the social and economic impact of these interventions, alongside the sector’s progress towards achieving the millennium development goals.

We want to hear your opinions too, turn to page 2 to find out how you can get involved in the debate.



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