Africa Rising? Not Till Rural Economies Boom

While the narrative of a rising Africa – as evidenced by bustling urban economies - continues to feed political and media frenzy, something else is happening. The rural economy is pretty stuck. The intensity of rural poverty has not eased. Rural economies are predominantly sustained by remittances from the cities.

Rural infrastructure is in a veritable state of decline. Agriculture is comatose. Land values are lowest in rural Africa. Hundreds of millions are at risk of being left behind. Moreover, the burden of disease is highest in most of rural Africa. Infant and maternal mortality are highest in rural Africa. The prevalence of stunting and other nutrition related problems are highest in rural areas. Rural districts have the worst education outcomes. –

 Inclusive growth and shared prosperity will depend on adoption of pro-poor policies and public investment aimed at agriculture and rural infrastructure. Things will remain exceedingly bleak as long as more than 75 per cent of Africa’s population is not part of the Africa rising saga

See link below for the full article. It is written by Dr Awiti the director of the East African Institute and assistant professor at Aga Khan University, Kenya.



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